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SCIENCE IN ACTION: High schoolers enroll for first-of-its-kind “Week at the Medical School”

By JABSOM and UHM Outreach College Faculty and Staff Imagine learning about a patient with chest pain…placing a stethoscope in your ears, listening to a heartbeat…and figuring out the cause. Imagine holding a human heart in your hand. Imagine that the heart of a computerized manikin (which looks very human) stops suddenly, and you’re responsible […]

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JABSOM medical student wins American Heart Association Scholarship in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) student Brandyn Dunn, a member of the MD Class of 2016, was awarded an American Heart Association Student Scholarship in Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke. Dunn’s application was entitled; “HIF Induced Cardiac RNA Splicing: A closer look at CaMKIIγ”. According to his faculty mentor, JABSOM Assistant Professor Dr. Chad […]

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IN REMEMBRANCE of Dr. Alan Tice, by Dominic Chow, MD

(UHMEDNow Editor’s note: Dr. Alan Tice was the “go to” physician on infectious disease whenever a news reporter called the University of Hawai`i’s medical school. As you can see in our photo, where Hawai`i News Now reporter Tim Sakahara adjusts Dr. Tice’s microphone before a TV interview, Dr. Tice was always enthusiastic about informing the […]

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VIDEO-CLASS OF 2010 MD Alumni Updates: Dr. Iwane, Dr. Chun

Dr. Marcus Iwane has completed his residency training in the JABSOM/Hawai`i Residency Programs, and is already “giving back” to the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) by helping to oversee the instruction of new clinicans. Dr. Iwane was on hand during the week of June 27 at JABSOM, assisting third-year medical students in their […]

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