Emergency Response


Important Phone Numbers:

Kaka’ako MEB Building Security 692-0911 (within Kaka’ako Facility dial 20911)
Kaka’ako BSB Building Security 692-1911 (within Kaka’ako Facility dial 21911)
Police / Fire / Ambulance 911 (within Kaka’ako Facility dial 9911)
Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222 (within Kaka’ako Facility dial 9-1-800-222-1222)


Environmental Health & Safety Office – Kaka`ako Emergency Preparedness & Response for Kaka’ako
Environmental Health & Safety Office – Manoa Pacific Disaster Center Website


Emergency Manual – Sections

Disaster Management 2011-EOC Kaka’ako Emergency Procedures Summary
Emergency Phone Numbers Kaka’ako Fire & Evacuation Plan
Power Outage Procedures in BSL2 Labs Natural Disaster Preparedness for JABSOM Labs
Radiation Emergency Procedures Chemical Spill Flow Chart Procedure


Emergency-Response-Group_Manual (containing all of the above sections) ERG Event Calendar for JABSOM

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