David Page Lecture: “Rethinking the Sex Chromosomes”

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4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

John A. Burns School of Medicine


Distinguished visitor, David Page, is a Director of Whitehead Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and a National Academy of Sciences member.

David is conducting fundamental studies of mammalian reproduction, with particular focus on sex chromosome biology and evolution, the fetal origins of gametes, and infertility.

His lab mapped the human Y chromosome in 1992, and in 2003 completed the sequencing of this chromosome. This was the first sex-specific chromosome to be sequenced from any organism. He is also investigating how germ cells initiate the meiotic program and acquire a female or male identity (ultimately oocyte or sperm) through genetic and molecular analysis of germ cell differentiation in the mammalian ovary and testis. He published more than 170 articles, many of them in such prominent journals like Cell, Nature and Science. David is not only a distinguished scholar. He is also a very dedicated teacher who is extremely difficult to recruit for a visit due to his teaching commitments. He is an absolutely amazing speaker and has a knack to captivate audience of all sorts, no matter what he talks about. You can find more information checking David’s website: http://pagelab.wi.mit.edu (and see examples of few articles at the end of this e-mail).

At the University of Hawaii David will be hosted by the Institute for Biogenesis Research and will give two talks:

“Sexual Dimorphism in the Mammalian Germline”
Tuesday, March 19, 4PM, IBR Manoa Conference Room [germ cell focused talk]

“Rethinking the Sex Chromosomes”
Wednesday, March 20, 4PM, JABSOM, Kaka’ako [sex chromosome focused talk]

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