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NEEDS ASSESSMENT for vocational needs of disabled workers: Webinars and Teleconferences scheduled

Employment – even in the best economic times – is challenging for persons with disabilities. The most recent data shows that the employment rate of working-age people (ages 21 to 64) with disabilities in Hawai‘i was 40% in 2011. The percentage of working-age people with disabilities working full-time/full-year in 2011 was only 26.3%. Do you […]

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ALZHEIMER’S EXPERT says a multidisciplinary center could build on Hawai`i’s top-notch aging research and clinical care

Hawai`i has done world-class research in aging, and could contribute more with the establishment of a multidisciplinary Alzheimer’s Center, according to one of the nation’s leading Alzheimer’s experts. “Alzheimer’s disease presents one of the greatest health care challenges of the 21st century,” said Dr. Marsel Mesulam, in a speech in Waikiki. Dr. Mesulam was the […]

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MATCH DAY: New survey says “personality fit” largest factor in specialty choice

Fifty-five students of the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) Class of 2013 are anxiously awaiting “Match Day”, a nationwide event in which 4th year medical students learn where a computer has “matched” them to continue their training as newly-minted MDs. That’s where they will begin to work (earning a salary, hooray!) under supervision […]

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HOMELESSNESS action plan to be discussed at Partnership for Social Justice Symposium April 6

Come and listen to our faculty experts, brainstorm ideas, and create an action plan to address the needs of the homeless population in Hawai’i, at the annual Partnership for Social Justice Symposium on Saturday, April 6. The event at the John A. Burns School of Medicine runs from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Location: JABSOM campus, Medical Education […]

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