In addition to the editors of the Center for Biographical Research, the following faculty and graduate students work in life writing studies. Please contact them directly if you’re interested in their work and would like to speak with them.

Amy Carlson, Ph.D. Student

life writing, visual narratives (especially comics), fairy tales, and folktales

Cynthia Franklin, Ph.D.

contemporary women’s literature, ethnic U.S. literatures, life writing, disability studies, feminist theory, cultural studies, Palestine

Miriam Fuchs, Ph.D.

modernism, mixed genres, women’s literature, modern American literature, autobiography theory and criticism, art and literature, 20th-century women’s literature, and all modes of life writing

Dax Garcia, Ph.D. Student

disability studies, first-year writing, modern American autobiography

Craig Howes, Ph.D.

biography and life writing, 19th-century literature, literary theory, drama and performance, research methods, professional editing

Edward Lee, Ph.D. Student

Asian American/minority rhetoric, composition theory/pedagogy, technical/professional writing, Asian American life writing

Laura E. Lyons, Ph.D.

post-colonial literatures and theory, cultural studies, life writing,  corporations, Irish literature and culture

Madoka Nagado, Ph.D. Student

Victorian literature, life writing, disability studies

Anjoli Roy, Ph.D. Student

creative writing, postcolonial literature and theory, life writing, South Asian literature and history, feminist theory, diaspora theory, ethnic and indigenous literatures of the U.S.

Novelynn Rubsamen, Ph.D. Student

colonialism/postcolonial theory, globalization studies, life writing

S. Shankar, Ph.D.

Postcolonial theory and literature, creative writing, literary theory and cultural studies, translation and translation studies, cultural journalism

Kristina Rose Togafau, Ph.D. Student

Indigenous science fiction, Indigenous life writing, queer theory, creative writing

Amy K. H. Vegas, Graduate Student

Settler colonialism studies, Hawaiʻi literature and theories, critical ethnic studies, Indigenous methodologies, creative nonfiction and life writing

Sharon Weiner, Ph.D. Student

life writing and women artists, the rhetoric of womenʻs suffrage in America: 1850-1920, argumentative writing

Rain Wright, Ph.D. Student

memoir/creative nonfiction, African American literature, world literature, feminist theory

John David Zuern, Ph.D.

literary criticism and theory, fiction, life writing, and electronic literature