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Evening Part Time Tuesday Programming Virtual Trivia Night with the Environmental Law Program

ELP hosted a Tuesday Programming Event on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, with a friendly game of virtual environmental trivia on Zoom.  The event was a great way for current Richardson students to meet ELP faculty and alumni in a casual setting while learning more about the environment, the Spring 2021 ELP course offerings, and the Environmental Law certificate.

Student teams were matched up with alumni to play three rounds of trivia in breakout rooms, creating an opportunity for the students to talk story while working together with alumni.  Trivia questions ranged from the number of eyes a bee has (five!) to what ATL stands for in the context of the Juliana v. United States climate case (Atmospheric Trust Litigation).  Congratulations to our winning team, “The Darkest Browline” consisting of team members Turner Wong ’22, Cat Barbour ’22, Patricia Sendao ’22, and Tara Buckley ’20!  Thank you to all the students and alumni who participated in this event.  ELP looks forward to hosting more trivia nights in the future.

In addition to Tara, additional alumni participants included: Rachel James, Randall Wat, Cameron Black, Miranda Steed, Rachel Ray, and Emily DeVille.

"Team Honu": Emily DeVille, Erik Meade, Nani Parker, Mona Heydarian











“Team Honu”: Emily DeVille, Erik Meade, Nani Parker, Mona Heydarian

“Taco Bell”: Rachel James, Harley Broyles, Emily Schlack, Katherine Hiraoka, Madonna Castro-Perez

“Loyal to the Soil”: Randall Wat, Kaulu Luʻuwai, Colin Lee, Austin Gersonde

“Da 1Ls”: Miranda Steed, Joel Burgess, Kealapono Richardson, Ian Kasaitis, Grant Barring


HC 1/11/2021



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