Campus Scorecards – Native Hawaiian Students

campus scorecard exampleScorecards provide campuses with data on key progress measures such as Time and Credits to Degree, and leading indicators that impact completion. They encourage campuses to set intermediary goals, initiate strategies based on data-driven decision making, and establish a baseline for future performance. These campus scorecards specifically focus on Native Hawaiian students. The scorecards are updated annually.

UH Mānoa Scorecard
UH Hilo Scorecard
UH West Oʻahu Scorecard
Hawaiʻi CC Scorecard
Honolulu CC Scorecard
Kapiʻolani CC Scorecard
Kauaʻi CC Scorecard
Leeward CC Scorecard
UH Maui College Scorecard
Windward CC Scorecard

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Campus Scorecards – Overall