Lucy L. Jones PhD, CSAC

Lucy L Jones Full Time Social Sciences Faculty
Hometown:  Ocean View Hawaii

Degrees:  B.A., M.A., California Western University, M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary, Ph. D – United States International University
Office:  Building 2
My favorites thing about HawCC is … the students!  They are eager to learn and find their place in the world.

My hobbies and interest are…  writing, reading, piano, guitar, gardening, and cats

If you came to my office you would see…  crammed filing cabinets with all the different courses I teach, and a huge poster of a black cat

I like the Big Island because …  of the diverse cultures and diverse climates, and it’s not on the mainland.

In my free time I like to do … are you kidding?  Free time??  Well, I feed my chickens; weed my garden, plant seeds, write and write and write.

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