Welina Kauhale iā kākou a pau (A Village welcome to all)

TangaroHālau Waʻa is a large canoe shed fronting the ocean, the primary function of hālau waʻa is to provide dedicated and exclusive space to maintain the physical canoe, stow fishing supplies, and to provide the environment where the instruction of all things related to fishing and migrations are preserved, modified, tested, and redefined to insure that every journey, whether to fish in local waters or to migrate into new oceans, is successful. To provide a deeper understanding of Hālau Waʻa, hā means breath or consciousness; lau means enumerable. Together they interpret Intergenerational Consciousness. Waʻa refers to the human person through whom authentic experience migrates across the timeline.

How is our college an hālau waʻa? Here multigenerational experiences collectively address the waʻa, our learners. Here we equip our auwaʻa, fleet of canoes (learner body) with the experiences (tools) necessary to sustain authentic experience on the oceans beyond our college campus. Here the evolution of authentic experience is organic, is encouraged, is tested, assessed and redefined to insure that a journey is never static, but authentic. How else is authentic experience realized if experience is not first transformational.

Tangarō, Acting Director

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