HawCC Faculty & Staff International Education Grant Opportunity

Japanese Chamber of Commerce Internationalization Grant

Application Guidelines
Submission Deadline: 1/7/11

by Sherri Fujita, Coordinator

 Through the Taste of Hilo Fundraiser, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry allotted funds to support Hawaii Community College.
The Hawaii Community College International Education Task Force proposed that $2000 be used as a grant for faculty and staff who aim to internationalize the Hawai`I Community College Campus. The purpose is to provide a source of funding to engage in international professional development relevant to instruction, such as internationalizing the curriculum, pre-study
abroad exploration, etc. Awards are competitive and are based on the merit of the proposal and the budget details.
Please look at the PDF attachment for more details. An MS Word version of the application is also available in case you prefer to use this format.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Best regards
Sherri Fujita on behalf of the International Education Task Force

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