In the spirit of Kauhale, Interim Chancellor Noreen Yamane is hosting informal talk story sessions, called Wala’au (to talk informally) with various programs, units and initiatives of our College. These Wala’au (“w” pronounced with a soft “v) sessions are designed to engender and sustain meaningful communication within our College, insuring that good work and significant outcomes become clarified and known to the greater Kauhale and celebrated for its contributions to the Excellence we promote.

On November 16, 2010, Chancellor Yamane hosted Wala’au, Talk Story Session for HawCC Remedial Development Initiatives. Here the various initiatives shared their approaches to remedial development, their best practices, challenges and their ideas of maximizing a collaborative approach toward remedial development. Those gathered will gather again to wala’au on how best to pool resources for remedial initiatives.

Kudos to:

Gwen Kimura – White paper

Reading/Writing – Annie Maeda

Math/West Hawaiʻi Emporium Math Experimental Initiative

Math/Reading – Marilyn Bader, Carolyn Naguwa, Jill Savage, Robyn Gartner

Hui Makamae – Christine Quintana

Huluena – Monica Burnett

First Year Experience – Christine Quintana and Jeanne Ryan

New Student Orientation – Christine Quintana and Jeanne Ryan

Chancellor Yamane is scheduled to host Wala’au Talk Story Sessions with Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, OCET, and with our West-Hawai’i ‘ohana. If you or your unit/program would like to schedule a Wala’au Session or have a face-to-face discussion on sustaining Kauhale at HawCC, please contact Sandi Alapai at the Community Liaison and Recruitment Office at 933-2342.

Tangaro, Acting Director

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