Allan Okuda

Professor/Coordinator Food Service – Manono Campus

Allan Okuda

Hometown: Hilo, Hawai’i

My favorite things about HawCC… is my job, students and faculty

My hobbies and interest are… making fishing lures, fishing, cattle ranching, traveling, spending time with grandkids, and talking to people

If you came to my office you would see…  fish mounts all over the walls and student pictures and knickknacks all over the place.

I like the Big Island because… the Big Island is home, where my ohana and friends live, when ever or where ever I travel I am like an opihi.  I always come back to my home.  The people are kind and giving and forgiving here.

In my free time I like to… spend time in my garden or cattle ranch working with my cattle or pruning my plants and fruit trees.

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