Art Exhibition At idspace In Keaau

By Violet Murakami, Assistant Professor – Arts


“Pinhole photography fascinates me. They seem like the perfect vehicle to depict visions of an inner world; ephemeral and fleeting – they’re a primitive form of image making – yet now they’re also ‘manipulated’ – scanned and printed using new digital technology.  It seems ironic in that sense.  These images were taken over the past several years using a 4 x 5 pinhole camera and Polaroid instant film.  I like to set up the shots with props out in the environment – sometimes they’re staged, sometimes they’re just what I find like the bones of a dead animal.   They could be narrative, in that there may be a story to tell but they’re hard to explain, so I just make the images – and leave it up to the viewer to interpret them, like dreams.”

Pinhole Photograhpy

N Maka Hou - January 2011 Edition

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