Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

Seventy years of providing Excellence to our community is truly worthy of celebration!  The capstone celebration is our Spring 2011 Kīpaepae Puka Kula, Commencement Ceremony.  Kīpaepae Puka Kula is an ancient Rite of Passage.

A Rite of Passage has four nodes to it’s process: Hua, catalyst for life change; Ha’alele, matriculation into the focus of college; Huaka’i, the transformative journey within the college experience; and finally, Ho’ina, reintegration back into the community as an enlightened and engaged member.   Although Rite of Passage is usually focused on the initiate, or learner,  an informed Rite of Passage is ALWAYS a Kauhale experience.   When the learner passes through the academic threshold, moving the tassel from right to left, we, inclusive of our community members, commence all over again.

The upcoming Kauhale articles will unsheathed the universal and regional elements of Kīpaepae Puka Kula as practiced at Hawai’i Community College. This 70th-year Kīpaepae Puka Kula, as Interim-Chancellor Yamane exclaims, “will not be commencement as usual!” Come and experience the pulse!

Tangaro, Acting Director

2010 Graduation2010 Graduation

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