Program Review Process

By:  Joni Onishi, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

January 10, 2011

Dear Hawaii CC ‘Ohana,

Happy New Year and welcome to a new semester.

The process of Program Review assures quality in all facets of our operation at Hawaii Community College.  It encompasses planning, assessment, and evaluation.  Each instructional program and unit conducts an in-depth review with faculty/staff participation every five years to determine program effectiveness.  In addition, every year instructional programs and units are required to conduct an annual review.

Every member of our Hawaii Community College ‘Ohana should be involved with program review and assessment.  This is not a performance evaluation.  We shouldn’t think we are doing this simply for the accrediting agencies.  We shouldn’t just go through the motion of measuring learning outcomes so we can check it off a list and say we did it.  This is not an end into itself but a part of a process that leads to a much greater end.  It answers the questions:

  • Did our programs and services work like we expected them to work?
  • Did we get the results we expected?
  • How can we improve what we are doing?

Mahalo to all of you who participated in the program review process last fall.  Comprehensive instructional and unit program reviews were received by the deadline.  For the first time, annual reviews were submitted online and submissions went smoothly.  These reviews will be taken to the next steps in the process: oversight, review and closing the loop by implementing relevant changes that will make our college stronger.

As a reminder, continue to work towards achieving the goals you’ve established for your programs/units.  At least one learning outcome should be formally assessed every year.  Everyone should be consistently assessing their course/program/unit outcomes and make improvements based on results.

You can look to your division/department chairs, deans, and supervisors for guidance regarding program review and assessment.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 974-7484 or e-mail

Have a wonderful semester!

With much appreciation,

Joni Onishi

Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs                                                                  College Effectiveness Review Committee, Chair

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