Shanti Devi, PhD

Degrees:  BA Asian Studies UH Manoa, MA Asian Studies UH Manoa, PhD History, UH Manoa

Lecturer at UH West Hawaii Center

Hometown: born in Amarillo, TX but moved to Hawaiʻi in 1965 to Kailua, Oahu, but real hometown is Captain Cook, Kona as I have been here longer then anywhere else.

My favorite thing about UH Center at West Hawai’i…  was the small size of classes compared to UH Manoa where I taught before, but that doesnt apply now as I teach entirely online since 2002, so my favorite thing would have to be simply that it has survived and served a small group of very motivated students.

My hobbies are… taking care of the land and practicing sustainable agriculture and reading and researching in the topics I teach, viz. history, Asian studies and Religious Studies.

If you came to visit my office you would see… well, I have no campus office as I teach entirely online, so you would see the beautifully landscaped coffee farm and gardens that I have created from the window of the room where I work, perhaps call it home office?

My favorite thing about the Big Island… is that it is environmentally diverse and still retains more of the rural flavor of the Hawaii I love, without the freeways and malls and noise of big-city Oahu.

In my free time I like to… play tennis, play with my 2 cats, and snorkel at Hookena where I can just tread water and wait for wild spinner dolphins to swim around and by me.  Hookena also retains the feeling of Hawaii that I love so much, rural and close to nature.

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