Sheena Mathews

Sheena Mathews – Student Worker 

Peer Advisor

Hometown:  Papaikou, Hawaii

My favorite thing about HawaiI Community College is… that it is a good institution for students to start off at, and it provides good opportunities for students seeking employment right after obtaining their degree and also if they would like to transfer to a University.

My hobbies and interests are… spending time with my son, having gatherings with my family and friends, playing basketball and shopping.

If you came to my office you would see… the staff and student workers working together to process financial aid for Hawaiʻi Community College’s students.

I like the Island of Hawaiʻi (the Big Island) because… I was born and raised here an I am used to the lifestyle here and also because I would not want to raise my son anywhere else.

In my free time I like to do… everything with my son, organize things, listen to music, and be outdoors.

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