HawCC Renovation Plans Move Forward BOR Approves Lease of Office Space

Long anticipated renovations planned for the Hale Aloha building on Hawaii Community College’s Manono campus took another big step forward on February 24th when the BOR approved the lease of office space for UHH programs that will be displaced once the project begins on or about September 2011.

The move of UHH programs from Hale Aloha actually began with the first BOR lease approval in November 2010.  This helped facilitate the relocation of the UHH Facilities Planning and Construction program to the Hilo Lagoon Centre in December that same year.

BOR members authorized the University to finalize and enter into this current lease agreement for 11,996 square feet of office space and 33 parking stalls located at 891 Ululani Street in downtown Hilo.  As with the last agreement HawCC will fund the off-campus lease and associated costs to accommodate the displaced UHH programs until such time that: 1) HawCC programs are relocated off the UH Hilo campus and/or 2) space otherwise becomes available on either campus for these displaced programs to return to on campus sites or; 3) five years from the commencement date of the renovations.

The Hale Aloha building is currently occupied by the remaining UHH programs of Upward Bound, Art Department, Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center, and the UHH Conference Center.  It should be noted that in the near future, HawCC and UHH will return to the BOR to propose another lease of warehouse space for the UHH maintenance operations currently located on the HawCC campus.  The Art Department space will be moving to the space currently being utilized by the UH Hilo’s maintenance operations, in order to minimize the impact on students and instructional space.   Once this is done, this will complete all necessary relocations needed by Hawaii Community College’s Hale Aloha renovation project.

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