Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou!Graduation photo

As noted in our last issue, Kīpaepae Puka Kula  (Commencement Ceremony) is the final node celebrating the passage from College Learner into that of an enlightened College Graduate.  This process of transformation is a Rite of Passage.   A Rite of Passage has four nodes, the first being the Hua, or the Catalyst into the realm of our Kauhale.

Hua, in Hawaiian, means to seed. Also very Hawaiian is a reality that every human at conception inherits seeds of potential from their ancestors through their parents.  These “seeds” are catalyzed into action sometimes by family obligation, or employment shifts, or by the sheer power of the passion for learning toward transformation.  Hawai’i Community College, like many other colleges, promotes profound transformation.  A profoundly transformed learner is a successful learner, andGraduation Photo if our learners are successful, our Kauhale is successful!

Come to Kīpaepae Puka Kula 2011 to honor the success of our learners, their families and our communities.  In doing so we honor also our selves as individuals.

Tangarō, Acting Director

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