Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou,

Ha’alele, to take flight or to soar, is the second node in the College experience. Ha’alele, in secular terms, simply means to separate oneself from one reality for another, and in the context of the college, this means to separate from community, from family, and from elements of oneself that, since conception, is reliant upon community. For many of our learners who are the first of their families to enter college, this separation is daunting on many levels for the learners themselves and for the communities!

In our personal journey into the college, do we remember the first contact we made with an employed member of the college? Was it the warm voice on the the end of the phone? Was it perhaps a comforting counsellor? Was it an approachable grounds keeper or janitor? Or perhaps another learner? The ‘point of first contact’ is essential in the Ha’alele node of the college experience and what this comes down to is the fact that every employed member of our Kauhale is an ambassador of the Kauhale. May the point of first contact we provide our learners be guided with Aloha!

E ‘Imi Pono Kākou!

Tangarō, Acting Director



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