Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

In continuing with the college journey as a Rite of Passage, we arrive at what is known as the Huaka`i.  In secular terms, Huaka`i simply means journey; in the context of Rite of Passage, Huaka`i interprets “sequence of renewal”.  This is where the learner begins to interface with the acquisition of new learning we call instruction.  It is here where opinions are informed and modified, it is here where one begins to understand how mathematical formulae and scientific processes have significant function beyond the classroom.  This is where one begins to form and articulate their passion and dreams and then sacrifice to it.

Photo of Carpentry StudentsWhereas some learning environments are brilliant with profoundly relative and invigorating experiences in the helm of the most supportive mentor, some classes are outright nightmarish, where everything is unrelated, acidic to basic instinct, and where the teacher is really an ogre disguised as a smiling professor!  To enter into the sequence of renewal is to enter into the clarity and the ambiguity of the total college experience, where even nightmares have function in living one’s dream.

Do come to commencement 2011.  All those marching in cap and gown have sacrificed to this very night and faced their dreams and their nightmares.  Let us celebrate with them our Kauhale accomplishments.

Acting Director, Tangaro

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