ʻAʻaliiʻAward for 2010-2011

The ‘A‘ali‘i Award for 2010-11 is awarded to Jim Yoshida.

The ‘A‘ali‘i Award was established in 2004 by former Interim Chancellor Shirley Daniel.  It is given to an employee who serves the college in an exemplary fashion, with grace and effectiveness despite many challenges and obstacles.

Past awardees were Noreen Yamane, Steve Schulte, Gail Inouye, Gene Harada, Ellen Okuma, Jill Savage, Douglas Dykstra, Joni Onishi and Mike Saito.  The spirit of the award is expressed in the phrase “He ‘a‘ali‘i ku makani au, ‘a‘ohe makani nana e kula‘i.  (I am a wind resisting ‘a‘ali‘i; no gale can push me over—I can hold my own even in the face of difficulties.)

During the month of January 2011, after the retirement of Barbara Arthurs, the administrative team shared the responsibilities of the VCSA.  We were relieved of this task when Jim Yoshida was appointed the Interim VCSA in February.  Since his appointment as the VCSA, Jim has also shared the responsibilities as the Interim CTE Dean.  In addition to assuming duties and responsibilities for these two administrative positions, Jim is also teaching 6 credits this Spring 2011 semester.


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