Outstanding Staff Member Award


This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Staff Member Award is Luane Kelly Ishii, Secretary, Nursing and Allied Health Division.

This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Staff Member Award has contributed to the success of Hawai‘i Community College through her outstanding accomplishments.  Her positive and professional demeanor has created a welcoming environment for those within and outside of the division.  She is actively involved in the success of the division, its faculty, staff, lecturers, and students.  This is evident in the personal connection she has made with her many nominators, as well as her commitment to the success of the program.

This recipient is described as possessing the highest level of integrity imaginable and is always “student oriented,” advocating for their needs in a realistic and professional manner.  Although she has been with the Division for a relatively short time, she has demonstrated competence and sustained efficiency since her initial hire seeming to flourish more and more as the years progress.

In a recent National League for Nursing Association site visit, the accreditation team commented on how easy their job was, largely related to the organization and ease of access to the materials they needed to review and coordination of various meetings.  Thanks to her efficiency the Division made a positive impression.  Another writes “she is the unsung heroine of our program and college.  She deserves the recognition as a stellar human and employee.”



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