Kauhale Message

Tangaro Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

Kauhale has taken on a steady growth of understanding for many of our College Ohana. Chancellor Yamane has hosted Walaʻau (talkstory) sessions with the intention to open up and strengthen dialogue between all constituents of our Academic Village.  The emphasis of Kauhale is placed on open dialogue, collective planning, the sharing of resources, and closing the loop on activities that has positive impact on the learners we serve.  Her Mākia (motto) is:

“We are here every day for the success of our learners.”

There is an old saying, “hānau ka ʻulu i ka ʻulu”, which means ʻbread fruit gives birth to bread fruit.’ This proverb is also metaphoric to the idea that ʻinspiration gives birth to inspiration,’ as the word ʻulu,’ also means inspiration. There has been recent activity between UHHʻs Chancellor Straney and HawCCʻs Chancellor Yamane. Their recent activites speaks to the mutuality of inspiration of the two Chancellors.  The Board of Regents meeting on September 29, 2011 was co-presented by the two Chancellors. The Board of Regents experienced outcomes of Kauhale for themselves and celebrated it.

Another Kauhale-building activity that is also endorsed by both Chancellors is the up-coming,  Wahi Pana O Hilo (Sacred Sites of Hilo). Wahi Pana O Hilo is a dynamically meaningful activity, which consists of visiting sacred sites of Hilo Town. The community members will learn the stories behind these sites and how these stories engender community leadership. It is hosted by UHHʻs Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center and HawCCʻs I Ola Hāloa Center for the Practice of Hawaiian Culture Program. It is the hopes of the Chancellors that our UHH and HawCC Ohana of faculty, staff, and our dear learners RSVP to this event. Seats are limited.  This activity will serve 200 members of our shared Kauhale.

Please contact Ms. Megan Saito, Kauhale Assistant, for further details at msaito3@hawaii.edu


Tangarō, Kauhale Acting Director



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