Helen Tupa’i – Information Specialist, Information Center

Name: Helen C. Tupa`i                 Helen Tupai

Title/Department: Information Specialist, Information Center

My Hometown: Monterey/Seaside, California

My favorite things about Hawaii CC…

People Care

Hawai`i CC is a community that really cares about each other, the students and reaching out to the community at large. When people ask you how are you doing, they mean it. This is where they live, this is where they learn- this is their life’s work and it shows day in and day out.

Education is Open to Everyone

I love it that you don’t need a certain SAT score or you need to be this certain way. I love that the community college is available to anyone and everyone from all walks of life.

Success Stories

I love to hear when a student has overcome a personal adversity or struggle to accomplish their academic goals here at the college and serving the community.

My hobbies and interest are…reading, music and enjoying nature.

If you come to visit my office you would see…friendly faces ready to assist incoming visitors

I like the Big Island because…of the people, the natural surroundings and the space available to people.

In my free time I like to… learn new things, improve, and reflect and focus on personal growth and leadership.

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