Kipaepae for Indonesian Administrators

On November 2, 2011, Hawaii Community College welcomed a group of nine administrators from various islands around Indonesia sent by their government to travel and visit community colleges in the U.S. including Hawaii, to gather information about programs and operations.

In the HawCC Kauhale fashion they were welcomed by Tangaro and his group of students, faculty, and staff.  They were truly moved and felt a warm welcome which started their 3-day visit to the Big Island on a good start.  Here are some of the things they had to say; “It was a fantastic welcoming ceremony.  I just never imagined that we were given such a very warm welcome from all.  I would like to say my sincere thanks for the Kipaepae ceremony we received. Fantastic.”  “The welcoming ceremony, Kipaepae was wonderful.  It really showed me the greatness and the warmth of Hawaiian culture.”

On behalf of OCET, we would like to thank everyone that welcomed our guests and would like to send a big mahalo to Hawaiian Lifestyles for the memorable Kipaepae ceremony and your generosity in gifting.  We too were left feeling proud of what Hawaii Community College stands for as we perpetuate and share the Hawaiian culture with visitors.  If you were unable to take part in this absolutely amazing experience we would like to share with you a picture from the Kipaepae.

Mahalo nui loa!

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