Mary Goya – Professor in Early Childhood Education

Name: Mary Goya                                                                             Mary Goya

Title/Department: Professor in Early Childhood Education/ Social Science Department

My Hometown: Is now Hilo, HI. I was born in Indiana and raised in a small town just outside of Kansas City, Kansas – – called Shawnee, KS.

My favorite things about Hawaii CC…are my students and my colleagues.

My hobbies and interest are…reading, sewing, and gardening.

If you came to visit my office you would see…lots of books, including children’s books, stuffed animals, pictures and all kinds of textures to make it cozy and soft.

I like the Big Island because…it is warm, lush, green, and soooo beautiful. It is a comfortable and meaningful place to live and work. My husband and children were born here.

In my free time I like to…walk, read, sew, and garden.

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