Introducing Local First

Hawaiʻi Community College in partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo aims to support the development of farms and the agricultural industry on Hawaiʻi Island by maximizing consumption of produce, meats and other locally grown and/or manufactured products.

Currently, 50 – 60 percent of the products used by our campus are locally grown, Local Growndepending on weather and climate. Island-grown, grass fed beef in hamburgers are used daily.

To showcase the high quality and variety of local productions available, a University of Hawaiʻi campus on Hawaiʻi Island will serve 100 percent Local First lunch specials monthly (see calendar for dates and locations).

Hawaiʻi Community Collegeʻs Culinary Program  is  unique in that we have students in training who are actually planning, preparing, and delivering a meal with 100% locally grown ingredients, in our campus cafeteria.  We have a very active educational program Local First and students are learning the concept of “local first” directly as part of their coursework.  Some of the ingredients used come from right outside the back door of the Manono Campus Cafeteria where the Hawaiʻi Life Styles program students maintain a beautiful garden of sugar cane, taro, sweet potato and many herbs.  Students use local products grown by our local college’s Agriculture program and Hawaiʻi Life Styles program students to prepare food for our local campus and community.

The local foods  are featured in the Manono Campus Cafeteria, fine dining Bamboo Hale, and on our West Hawaiʻi Campus.

Hope you will join us either in West Hawaiʻi, University of Hawaiʻi  at Hilo or Manono Campus!

Local First




Local First

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