2012 Walter Serikawa Scholarship

The Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Walter Serikawa Scholarship!

It was the goal of the late Walter Serikawa to financially support students with documented disabilities to provide access to quality post-secondary education programs in Hawai‘i. He believed that completing a solid education will enable students to pursue meaningful work and become productive citizens in their respective communities. He wanted to especially support those students who demonstrate an ongoing interest in learning.

Apply online at STAR Scholarships: https://www.star.hawaii.edu/scholarship. Search for “Serikawa.” Due to a 40-minute time limit on STAR Scholarships website, we recommend that students first print out the questions and download all forms. After completing/preparing the forms, short answers, and personal statement for input/upload, students may log on again to complete the application process.

Application deadline is Wednesday, April 4, 2012 and we greatly appreciate your kokua in spreading the word about this opportunity.

Click here to view flyer

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