Tony Kent – Educational Specialist, OCET

Name: Tony Kent    Tony Kent

Title/Department: Educational Specialist, Office of Continuing Education and Training, Rural Development Project

My Hometown: Hilo. Born and raised!

My favorite things about HawCC…are the same things I love about Hawaii. The feeling of community and that people try to treat each other with respect.

My hobbies and interests are…I play video games with my kids and friends.  I like to read (anything) although I haven’t made as much time lately as I should. I’ve been known to pull my camera out once in a while.

If you came to visit my office you would see…my “mission control.” Two computer screens with a webcam on top, piles of papers I need file, my to-do list, and maybe a student asking me, “Is this Financial Aid?” J And almost always, a can of zero carb Rockstar.

I like the Big Island because…It’s Home. The weather, the water, the people. I didn’t want my kids growing up anywhere else.

In my free time I like to…go to the beach, camping, and watching movies with my family and friends.

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