Kauhale Message


When one imu produces many foods, the village is joyous!

 Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

Before the semester closes, may we take the time to thank all the individuals who have contributed to the Kauhale efforts, ensuring that “what” we do and “how” we do leads to Learner Success.  Because of this, our Kauhale Academic Village has garnered some very high profile and national recognition. Let me list some of these highlights:

  • Hawai`i Papa O Ke Ao – Transforming UH into a World-Class Indigenous Serving Institution, demonstrating the role of building community relations based on Hawaiian cultural foundations.
  • Achieving the Dream National Conference on Equity, keynoting on the role of community spirit in academia.
  • Library of Congress, demonstrating the role of folk-culture in academia, June 2012.
  • Smithsonian Folk-Life Festival, D.C., representing UH System`s commitment to the indigenization of UH system through the practice and advocating of Hawaiian culture for the success of all of our learners.  This 10-day festival, slated for June-July 2012, receives more than one million people.
  • Meeting with the Hawai`i Congressional Party in D.C., promoting Kauhale within our UH system.

Summer is finally (nearly) here; go to the beach and rejuvenate!

Tangarō, Kauhale-Acting Director


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