Dorinna Manuel-Cortez: Admissions Officer, Division of Student Affairs

Name: Dorinna Manuel-Cortez Dorinna Manuel-Cortez

Title/Department: Admissions Officer, Division of Student Affairs

My Hometown: Kāneʻohe, HI

My favorite things about HawCC…it is a place of hope for people looking to make their lives better, the HLS mala, the people who work here, farmer’s bread from the cafeteria

My hobbies and interest are…reading, the ocean, learning hei, Plants vs Zombies, cooking

If you came to visit my office you would see…a pretty counter (Mahalo e Joel), amazing student employees busily processing applications, Bert busily making sure things run smoothly

I like the Big Island because…when I drive to work, Mauna Kea is behind me and the ocean is in front; my children can pick good things to eat off the trees and bushes around our house; we can throw snow balls at each other in the morning, swim in the ocean in the afternoon and fall asleep to the sound of falling rain; the ‘io, pueo, honu and ʻōpeʻapeʻa still come visit

In my free time I like to…stop the zombies from eating my brain and annoy my children.

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