Governor Approves Funds for Hawaii Community College – Palamanui

Governor Neil Abercrombie has approved the allotment request of $7,500,000 for Hawaii Community College – Palamanui.

The $7,500,000 will enable the simultaneous construction of Phases IA (Culinary Arts Building) and IB (Health Science and Student Services Building) of Hawaii Community College – Palamanui campus. It is estimated that Phase IA will consist of 14,900 square feet of classroom space and Phase IB will consist of 8,200 square feet of classroom and support spaces.

This project will begin the construction of the first permanent campus on the west side of the Big Island, which will help to better serve ever-increasing demand for educational services from this rapidly growing area. Currently, 450 students attend the Kealakekua campus, located in a former shopping complex not suitable for higher education and technical training programs, which has 12,500 square feet of classroom and office space. The first phase of the new campus will have the capacity to enroll approximately 700 students, and eventually accommodate 1,400 after the completion of the second and third phases.

Hawaii Community College - Palamanui Campus

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