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HĀNAU KA ʻULU I KA ʻULU – Inspiration Produces Inspiration

Aloha Kauhale Kākou,

Often times I find myself quoting or referencing UHʻs Strategic Plans as I work toward building connections within our Kauhale.  The other day while reviewing components of the Strategic Plan, my eyes fell upon the following:


Overarching commitments reflect the core values that bind University of Hawaii faculty, staff, and students together and contribute to realization of the University’s vision and mission. These include:

  • Aloha: Central and unique to Hawaii’s university, the Hawaiian concept of aloha embraces respect for the history, traditions, and culture of Hawaii’s indigenous people; it reflects compassion for all people and a forward-looking commitment to the well-being of these islands.
  • Collaboration and respect: Education, training, research, and community service are enhanced by cooperative efforts and shared use of available resources in an atmosphere of mutual respect—the hallmarks of a collegial environment.
  • Academic freedom and intellectual rigor: The meaningful pursuit of knowledge is possible only in an atmosphere committed to the unfettered expression, discussion, testing, and proof (or disproof) of any idea. Faculty at every level challenge themselves and their students to expand the body of knowledge, prepare for the future, and shun intellectual complacency.
  • Institutional integrity and service: A commitment to knowledge, evidence, and truth guides institutional activities and development. The spirit of service infuses all University activities.
  • Access, affordability, and excellence: The University is committed to offering the greatest access to programs of the highest quality at a competitive cost.
  • Active learning and discovery: Student learning opportunities that maximize active engagement, benefit from regular program, faculty, and student assessments, and lead to lifelong learning are institutional commitments.
  • Diversity, fairness, and equity: Society is best served by ensuring that all populations are represented equitably throughout the University of Hawaii system. Diverse perspectives contribute to the University’s commitment to root out prejudice and injustice.
  • Leveraged technology: The University recognizes the profound implications of the digital age for knowledge-based institutions and is committed to being a leader in the application of information technology in ways that transform the global enterprise of higher education.
  • Hawaiian and Asian-Pacific advantage: In all it does, the University is committed to achieving a global advantage by leveraging Hawaii’s position in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and its unique cultural and geographic attributes.
  • Innovation and empowerment: Continuous improvement in all aspects of the University of Hawaii system commits the University to a climate of innovation and empowerment to overcome resource limitations and bureaucratic entanglements.
  • Accountability and fiscal integrity: Taxpayers, donors, families, and students who support the University of Hawaii deserve to know that they are receiving maximum value for time and resources invested.
  • Malama aina sustainability: In its educational, research, and service activities, the University is committed to the Hawaiian concept of malama aina—living in harmony with the land—through the conservation, sustainable use, and enhancement of its local, regional, and global environment.

My eyes dwelled on bullet two, Collaboration and Respect. The reason? It was in my role as Humanities Department Chairperson where I experienced yet another layer to Collaboration and Respect. We were just informed that Liberal Arts will receive an Instructor Position and that we were to deliberate amongst ourselves to which Department this position was to reside, as EVERY department within Liberal Arts made a well-justified request for a position via the CERC process.  The result? The DCʻs unanimously provided the Social Sciences Department with the position.  I left the meeting truly feeling that the Collaboration and Respect that is essential to the binding our Kauhale were evidenced AGAIN.

So yes, Humanities is without a new position. The point? The point is that I personally have evidenced again and again that the growth and strengthen of our Kauhale to maximize Student Success sometimes mean advocating for resources to reside in another department. This process was very inspiration to me; needless to say, I slept very well that night.


Kauhale Acting Director

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