Learner Profile: Raynell Espaniola

Photo of Raynell Espaniola

Raynell Espaniola, third from right, poses for a photo with the iPad she won as a part of the Passport Program.

Raynell Espaniola was one of two Hawaii Community College students to win an iPad Oct. 17 as part of the college’s Passport to College Success program. The program is designed to make sure the students have the resources and confidence they need to succeed in college.

We thought the winning of the iPad was a good opportunity to tell you more about Espaniola. Here are her responses to our questions.

What you are studying here at HawCC? 

I am currently pursuing my Liberal Arts degree. I am still deciding what degree I’m going to pursue after that. I wanted to go in Pharmacy, but everyone tells me I’d be a great counselor. I guess I have time to decide.

What’s your hometown? 

Mountain View, Hawaii

What’s your favorite thing about HawCC?

My favorite thing about HawCC is the support. At any given time I can get help from tutors, and fellow students are just as willing to lend a helping hand since they have first-hand knowledge of what I’m going through as students themselves.

Counselors and staff are always available and are friendly. I never have that feeling that I’m not as important as the next student when it comes to discussing my objective in school. That makes a big difference. If students were never given that support the likelihood they would stay in school is slim. Support matters, so thank you to all the staff for making a difference, not just in my life but for all HawCC students!

What’s your favorite thing about the Big Island?

Honestly, I’m not sure what my favorite thing about the Big Island is. I grew up here and have very little to compare it to. Here I have my family, my friends and many memories. The Big Island will always be home to me. So that’s my favorite thing, I guess: This is home!

What are your hobbies and interests? 

I like to be creative, work on crafts, anything with my hands. I enjoy hanging at the beach with family and/or friends and spending time with my husband.

I love catching up with family and friends on Facebook, just like everyone else. I like reading when I have time between studies. My favorite author is Barbara Delinsky!

I like to travel. Although I have not been to many places, I always find it exciting to be somewhere new and different when comparing it to the Big Island. And of course, I like learning new things every day.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

On my free time, I usually go on Facebook. That’s my main way to keep in touch with my “bestie” in Texas, my brother Mark stationed in Arizona, my sister Kea who lives in Vegas, and everyone else I love dearly. My Ohana, friends included, is what’s most important to me. Therefore, anything that involves my Ohana is well worth my free time!

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