High school students from Japan visit Big Island through HawCC program

Group photo of students from Japan

This group of high school students from Japan visited the Big Island from February 10 to 14 as part of Hawai’i Community College’s Short Term International Program. This photo was taken at Onekahakaha Beach.

A group of high school students from Japan spent four days on the Big Island in February as part of the Short Term International Program, which is administered by Hawai‘i Community College’s Office of Continuing Education and Training.

The 10th and 11th grade students are residents of Japan’s Nagano prefecture, and they participated in activities related to marine science, biology, astronomy, volcanology, physics and English.

The students, who were hosted by local families, also had a nice time working with the Waiakea High School Robotics Team.

Yuko Suzuki, HawCC’s Short Term International Program Coordinator, said the students were excited to come to Hawai‘i.

“Nagano is the one prefecture where they don’t have an ocean in Japan, so they were very excited when they saw the ocean,” Yuko said. “I asked them how often they go to beach, and they said maybe once a year for a family vacation.”

The students who visited from February 10 to 14 attend Iiyamakita, a high school that specializes in science, said Yuko. This is the second group from Iilyamakita to participate in the Short Term International Program.

A group of university students form Hakuoh University is scheduled to come in September, said Yuko, adding that Hawai‘i Community College is hoping to organize more trips.

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