Chancellor’s Mahalo

 HawCC Administrative Team

Mahalo nui loa to Joni Onishi, Beth Sanders, Jim Yoshida, Jason Cifra, Debbie Shigehara, Guy Kimura and Joyce Hamasaki.

Thank you for your continued support!

HawCC College Council and Academic Senate

I wish to extend my thanks to Monica Burnett for serving as College Council Chair and to Helen Nishimoto for serving as the Academic Senate Chair.

Mahalo to Sandra Kama, Janice Watanabe, Melany Ayudan, Cathy Arita, Joeanne Losalio-Watson, Luane Ishii, Paula Medeiros, April Nakagawa, Kanani Yamada and Doris Chang for taking the minutes for the College Council meetings.

Accreditation Liaison and Self-Evaluation

Mahalo to Kate Sims for serving as the HawCC Accreditation Liaison Officer.  Kudos to self-evaluation co-chairpersons Gwen Kimura and Joel Tanabe for overseeing the ongoing self-evaluation process.  We also want to thank the Standard committees chairpersons, Raynette Haleamau-Kam and Mike Saito (Standard I), Sherri Fujita and Annie Maeda (Standard II), Wilton Watanabe (Standard III), Pamela Scheffler (Standard IV), our editors Caroline Naguwa and Jeanne Ryan,  and archivist Ellen Okuma.

Thank you to our Kauhale for your various contributions during the Accreditation Team visit in October 2012.  HawCC received re-affirmation of accreditation, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Mahalo to Erik Kalani Flores for accepting the role as our next Accreditation Liaison Officer.

Hawai‘i Island United Way

Thank you, co-chairs Marla DeMarco and Betty Jane Saiki (WH) for coordinating the Hawai‘i Island United Way Fundraiser.  And, most importantly, mahalo nui loa to all of you who contributed.

Academic Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the Academic Scholarship Committee is to select student nominees for national scholarship competitions.  Mahalo to Mai Wong for chairing this committee; and committee members: Joel Peralto, Larissa Leslie and Laurel Gregory.

HawCC Achieving the Dream Core Team

Achieving the Dream provides participating colleges with support to implement strategies designed to help more students–particularly our Native Hawaiian and low-income students earn degrees, complete certificates or transfer to other institutions to continue their studies.  Achieving the Dream emphasizes building a culture of evidence to identify effective practices, improve student success rates and close the achievement gaps.

Mahalo to HawCC’s AtD Core Team:  Sam Giordanengo, team leader and members   Shawn Flood, Joyce Hamasaki, Lucy Jones, Guy Kimura, Jim Yoshida, Melanie Marciel, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Joni Onishi, Christine Quintana, Jeanne Ryan, James Schumaker, Deborah Shigehara, and Taupouri Tangaro.

Student Academic Grievance Committee

This committee hears student grievances that were unable to be resolved at the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs’ level.  There was one case during this academic year.  Thank you Lou Zitnik for chairing this committee, and members:  Misty Carmichael, Robert Yamane, and student representatives: Eric Aranug,

Duane Nishimoto, and Flavia Westermann.

Student Conduct Committee

My thanks to the Student Conduct Committee:  Wilton Watanabe, Chair, Melanie Marciel, Erick Cremer, Janine Jeffrey, student representatives: Eric Aranug, David Canning, and Duane Nishimoto.

Faculty/Staff Awards and BOR Excellence in Teaching Award

The Faculty/Staff Award Committee reviews the nominations for the Outstanding Lecturer, Outstanding Staff Member, Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service, Innovation Award, and Mahalo Award.  Serving on the committee were chair, Jodi Mine, Renee Dela Cruz, William Affonso and Doris Chang.  Mahalo!

Faculty/Staff Development Committee

“The function/purpose of this committee is to create and present programs to promote organizational development, professional and personal development of college personnel; provide opportunities for social networking…”   We extend our appreciation to chair Annette Maeda and committee members Lisa Adams, Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Monica Burnett, Sandra Claveria, Sherri Fujita, Raynette Haleamau-Kam, Meidor Hu, Lucy Jones, Tony Kent, James Kiley, Manai Kalua, Helen Nishimoto, Joel Tanabe, and Leanne Urasaki.

International Education Committee

This committee supports the HawCC Strategic Plan (B1) on global issues including seeking opportunities to infuse cultural/global awareness into the curriculum, creating and enhancing international exchange opportunities for faculty; developing study abroad opportunities, providing opportunities for intercultural interaction between domestic and international students including International Education Week. Mahalo to Chairwoman Sherri Fujita, and committee members Andrey Chan, Steven Clements, Gabe James, Kamaka Gunderson, Carrie Mospens, Violet Murakami, Elizabeth Niemeyer, Christine Quintana, Deseree Salvador, Pam Scheffler, Francis-Dean Uchima, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson and Melissa Yamanaka.

Safety Committee

This committee’s function and purpose is to report all safety and security issues concerning Hawai‘i Community College including the UH Center at West Hawai‘i.  Mahalo goes out to chair William Affonso and members: Renee Dela Cruz, Paul Heerlein, Jack Minassian, Kaleopono Quintana, and Wilton Watanabe.

Hawai‘i Protocols Committee

As described by Dr. Taupouri Tangaro, “the practice of Hawai‘i Protocols at Hawai‘i Community College is integral to our collective role as stewards of things Hawaiian.  Hawai‘i protocols remind us of our profound and significant connection to the dynamic world in which we live.”  This committee prepared for several kipaepae ceremonies this past year too numerous to mention.  Mahalo to Taupouri Tangaro, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Manai Kalua and members: Monica Burnett, Doris Chang, Sandra Claveria, Rabecca Gabriel, Sam Giordanengo, Dorinna Manuel-Cortez, Toni-Ann Samio, Jacqueline “Ulu” Vanblarcom, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, our Kukuena and our entire Kauhale.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, D.C.

Last summer, the University of Hawai‘i had an opportunity to showcase its value to the community in the nation’s capitol.  The University featured and celebrated the best in indigenous culture and modern science.

Hawai‘i Community College, under the direction of Dr. Taupouri Tangaro, was represented by Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani and Unuolehua members: Pele Kaio, Keyra Tejada, Kainoa Ariola-Sasaki, Stacey Kaaua, Ryan McCormack, Kahealani Wilcox, Noel Tagab-Cruz, Lehua Kaulukukui, Kanani Kaulukukui, Lolay Muraki, Wahine Mercado and Poliahu Ishibashi-Naboa, and Kukuena members: Gail Makuakane-Lundin, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, Doris Chang, Tammy Tanaka, Ginger Hamilton, Alohilani Adachi-Jose, Drew Kapp, Katherine Nguyen, Trina Nahm-Mijo, and Unuiti: Naoho Kanahele and Tuhi Kanahele.

Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao

Mahalo to Dr. Taupouri  for serving on the UH System Indigenous Steering Committee.  Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao is the name chosen for this group tasked with developing a plan to make the University of Hawai‘i a leader in indigenous education.

A core group was formed at HawCC.  Mahalo to Tangaro for assisting me with wala‘au sessions with our members: Thatcher Moats, Kehau Leehong-Mauga, Sam Giordanengo, Dorinna Manuel-Cortez, Marcy Martinez, Raynette “Kalei” Haleamau-Kam, Gail Makuakane-Lundin, Manai Kalua, Marilyn Bader and Kenoalani Dela Cruz.


The Wala`au Talk Story Sessions are intended to generate campus wide discussions and ideas of how to sustain the philosophy we call Kauhale.  Mahalo to Dr. Tangaro for accompanying me on this journey.  Thank you to all who participated in these Wala`au Sessions.

Mahalo to all of you for a terrific year.  Have a great summer.  Be safe and we’ll see you in the Fall.

Noreen Yamane, Chancellor

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