Kauhale Message: Summer a time for dreaming





The Hawai’i Life Styles Program facilitated a Māmoe sunset ceremony, pictured above, in Kona on Friday, May 3, 2013.


For the last 15 years we have facilitated a sunrise ceremony on Moku‘ola (Coconut Island) in Hilo to celebrate the dawning of a new period in the life of our learners and their families and communities. In the past, we would bus West Hawaiʻi graduates to Hilo to participate in the Māweke Sunrise Ceremony.

The Māweke sunrise ceremony was held at Moku’ola on May 2, 2013.

But this year we started a new tradition and facilitated the first Sunset Ceremony in Kona called Māmoe, which was held at the Kahalu‘u Heiau on Friday, May 3. Part of the growth is recognizing that the sunset is as important as the sunrise and Kona’s celebrated phenomenon is the sunset.

Māmoe means, in short, “In the State of Dreaming.” Dreaming continues to play a large role in the mission, vision and goals of our communities. And as the college journey is but a portion of manifesting the dream, the Māmoe is a celebration of knowing that after graduation, the learners are equipped with the skills, content and tools to manifest their personal and collective dreams.  We celebrated this on a sacred platform we know as heiau.

In the spirit of Māmoe, I encourage members of our Kauhale to use the summer to think, reflect, rejuvenate and dream.



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