Mahalo from the 25th Annual Hawai’i Community College Earth Fair

Earth Day Fair 2013 was a wonderful event which was held on the Manono campus. This was our 25th Anniversary with participation by 250 students, staff and faculty. It was better than ever and a great educational success. Hawai’i Community College generously hosted school students and the larger community to a joyful and enriching celebration of the natural world.

Thirteen schools participated and brought 43 classes on field trips arranged by our hard-working team. Over 1,000 visiting students, along with their teachers, chaperones and escorts, went to presentations and entertainment at the Cafeteria Stage area, exhibits on the lawn at the cafeteria and adjacent to Building 387, as well as other activities.

An especially big mahalo to Jodi Ariyoshi and Amy Hinton, who made the school outreach so successful; Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers for organizing the entertainment and providing customized itineraries for each school class; Graceson Ghen for the Exhibit Coordination; Thatcher Moats for the poster design; Claudia Wilcox-Boucher for coordinating the student volunteers escorts; Amy Hinton, Ulu Langford and Claudia Wilcox-Boucher for volunteer check-in and T-shirt distribution; Kimi King for parking; Donna and Monique Hoke for coordinating the videos; Donalynn Saragosa for coordinating refreshments; Helen Tak for running the Earth Fair booth and Lisa Adams for efficiently taking care of all financial paperwork. Kristine Kubat really worked hard to make this a zero-waste event.

Special thanks to our presenters Jessie Law – “Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle” and Derek Kirisu “Mountain Apple Man.” The students really enjoyed these presentations. Behind the scenes were Craig Mori from Pacific Sound and Neil Uehara with additional technical support. Special thanks to the Student Life Coordinator Larissa Leslie, Emcees Petey Kulberg and Pomai Williams from KWXX, Laura Brezinsky – Hawai’i Community College service learning and Marcy Martinez – Student Government, both sponsors of the event. Our hardworking crew of volunteers provided lemonade, ice tea, cookies, bananas and snacks to the visitors. Mahalo to Bill Affonso and his staff for providing us with the logistical expertise needed to prepare for this event. Our greatest appreciation to the hard working maintenance and facilities set up crew, to Allan Okuda for allowing us the use of the cafeteria, Island Wide Canopy Tents – Brian Hatayama, as well as Gene Harada and Joel Tanabe for the use of their canopy tents.

Mahalo to Bill Affonso for opening the Earth Fair, and special thanks to the wonderful entertainers: Unukupukupu, Kua O Ka La Public Charter School performance, the Japan Club performers, the Bayanihan Club, Billy Rodrigues-Kaiwa, Positive Motion, FICA Capoiera, Roxanne Lawson and her Pa’ani Puppet Show, Tupalaga O Samoa the Samoan Club dancers, Hawai’i Community College Trash fashion models Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Laura Robinson, Mandy Lui, Eve Teeter-Balin, Anthony Santoro, Shawna Hiatt, and Erica.

Mahalo to the Environmental Videos team leader, Donna and Monique, while Keali’i provided interpretation of the Hawai’i Life Styles garden. Plants were grown and donated for the Native Plant giveaway by the Forest TEAM students, Laura Brezinsky, and Native Plant giveaway coordinator Orlo Steele. Chris Jacobson and the agriculture students donated many edible herbs as well.

Students were treated to Phi Theta Kappa’s Environmental Storytelling, organized by Karen Crowell and Kenoa dela Cruz. Other favorites were Face painting led by Mandy Lui and Jebe Pacris. Our greatest appreciation to the hard working set up and banner crew,  Graceson Ghen for the exhibitor coordination; Candy Apple Bananas-Mike Tarring for donating 20 cases of bananas. Hawai’i CC custodial and maintenance staff for the take-down and clean-up at the Cafeteria and Hawai’i CC fair grounds.

Thanks you to the Hawai’i Community College administration, Chancellor Noreen Yamane, her secretary Doris Chang, Iris Mukai and Debbie Shigehara from OCET for their support.

Faculty and staff who provided volunteers were: Bill Affonso, Orlo Steele,  Sandy Claveria, Sam Giordanengo, Giordanengo, Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Allie Atkins, Claudia Wilcox-Boucher, Chris Jacobsen, Sherri Fujita and Hawai’i Life Styles.

Funding Sources for the Earth Fair event: Laura Brezinsky – Hawai’i Community College service learning and Hawai’i CC Student Council.

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