Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

I write from atop Mauna Kea, our Piko O Ke Ao, Center of the Universe. We are here escorting UH President MRC Greenwood, who has offered a cup of ‘awa to the spirit of  Mauna Kea as one step in a series of ceremonies designed to bring closure to her service as UH President.

The final gesture of turning over the ‘apu, the cup, carefully allowing the ‘awa to trickle into the earth, was profound to me…if not sobering.

The ability to honor and feed connection in all environments — be they natural, fabricated, social, familial, academic, professional, personal — is indeed a human honor. And as we find ourselves in a profession designed to transform people’s lives for the promotion of well-being, I was reminded today that transforming a community is an ultimate gift of humanity.

The day will come when we turn the metaphoric ‘apu to our earth. May we, on that day, look back and celebrate the connections we have built, sustained, assessed, and evolved, all for learner success and community well-being.

We tūnou (bow on respect) President MRC Greenwood for her hard work. We have all grown with her style of leadership, her humanity and her ability to connect to the spirit of academic transformation and well-being.

Let’s begin this semester with the end in mind. Let this semester be the semester you manifest a new connection to a new community.

Well-being to us all,

Kauhale Academic Village

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