Students from HawCC, Hakouh University collaborate on community project

Fernando shows the finished product while Thomas works on with Hakouh students.

The group stops at Rainbow Falls after sharing their gifts…shaka!

Through the effort of the Office of Continuing Education and the Human Services Program, five of Aunti Sandi’s Human Services students worked hand-in-hand with Kumu Paulette Ke. The ultimate goal was to make a connection between both cultures with practices utilized by the Japanese and Hawaiians. The connection of omiyage and makana; the sharing of gifts.

Zoe works hand-in-hand with another student.

Debbie Bachiller, Laurie Maikui Shirshac, Zoe Domizio and two young men, Thomas Perreira and Fernando Ramangmon, gave five hours of their time to work together with students from Hakouh University. They made 50 ti-leaf leis and 20 beautiful floral arrangements to be shared with the clients at Hilo Adult Day Care Center along with some of the employees. This allowed students to give to the community and be ambassadors for our Kauhale.

The union of students brought laughter and joy in the true spirit of ALOHA. This was the second year that our Human Services students were involved with the students from Hakouh University.

Laurie takes a photo of the completed work.

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