Haʻakūmalae Announcements

Haʻakūmalae is the official orchestration of Hawaiʻ i protocols leadership at Hawaiʻ i Community College and the University of Hawaiʻ i at Hilo’s Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center. As an active member in our Hawaiʻi Community College and Hawaiʻi Island Community there are many opportunities and events for engagement in these activities.

Haʻakūmalae Summer 2013 Activity & Announcements:

September 2013

  • September 3-6, 2013


A kīpaepae welina (welcoming) of the Hakuoh University Exchange Program students was held on their first day. These 15 students and accompanying chaperone were immersed in a three day English language and Hawaiian cultural study tour. This event marks the second year of a 10 year learning exchange initiative between Hawaiʻi Community College and Hakuoh University.

  • September 19, 2013

Pahu Presentation & Exchange with visiting Native American Tribes        Lihikai Cultural Center

The sound of the drum is a common trigger for the connection of people across space and time. Both Native Americans and Hawaiians utilize this instrument in chants, dancing and ceremony. This evening was spent sharing some of these drum practices with members of Native American tribes visiting for an annual event. Unukupukupu represented HawCC and our community with a hand selected group of students faculty and staff from both HawCC and UHH campuses (Unuolehua).

October 2013

  • October 11, 2013

Unukupukupu at ʻImiloa After Dark

An after dark event with the ʻImiloa Astronomy Center. Unuolehua presented a selection of Unukupukupu dances that reflected our connections to the time and space that is known as Hilo. These connections are cyclic, celestial and a common tie for all of us whom visit and make Hilo our home.

  • October 25, 2013

Kīpaepae Welina: High School Visit to Hawaiʻi Life Style Program

A ceremony greet and welcome local high school student to the dynamics of our campus. These students will be spending the day with the Hawaiʻi Life Styles Program to experience the track courses offered first hand.

  • October 31, 2013

Kīpaepae Welina: Dr. Barbara Hill

A welcoming ceremony for Dr. Barbara Hill from the American Council on Education. She is the Senior Associate for the Internationalization Center and Global Engagement. Her visit will be to work with our campus committee on the current movement to internationalize our campus.

November 2013

  • November 1 & 2, 2013

Wahi Pana & iHaʻakūmalae

An overnight wahi pana and iHaʻakūmalae experience of the wahi pana that anchor our school song (chant) “Lei O Hilo”. An activity wherein faculty & staff alike will contribute to the building of personal relationships and interpretations of these spaces through group curriculum and integration of  technological resources.

  • November 24, 2013

Kīpaepae & Hōʻike: King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma Celebration

Unukupukupu and the Kukuʻena Cohort will be participating in the celebration of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emmaʻs founding of the Anglican Diocese. The celebration of these monarchʻs contributions lends to the movement of Hawaiiʻs current educational, cultural and medical systems we have in place today.

For additional information regarding Haʻakūmalae activities, please contact Uluwehi (Jacqueline Van Blarcom) at blarcom@hawaii.edu.

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