HawCC works to internationalize campus and curriculum

Hawaiʻi Community College, along with 10 other colleges and universities, has been named the American Council on Education’s 11th Internationalization Laboratory Cohort.

“Hawaiʻi Community College’s mission is to serve our island community and to prepare our students for the demands of a global economy,” said Noreen Yamane, Hawaiʻi Community College chancellor. “By bringing the world to our students, Hawaiʻi Community College is positioning itself to give our graduates the skills they need to succeed in our increasingly multicultural, diverse community.”

Over the next 20 months, Hawaiʻi Community College will develop strategies for campus internationalization by forming leadership teams to work on strategic planning and student outcomes, attending community meetings in Washington, undergoing site visits and peer reviews and participating in monthly phone calls with the laboratory director, Dr. Barbara Hill.

Dr Hill will be visiting Hawai‘i Community College on October 31 to meet with the Chancellor, Kauhale Director Tangaro, and other key administrators. She will also meet with the members of the International Education Committee, DCs, College Council and Senate Chairs, and the Assessment Coordinator.

“The 11th cohort is the largest to date, and is made up of a great group of individuals representing many different types of institutions,” said Barbara Hill, senior associate in American Council on Education’s Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement. “What we’ve found over the years is that even though their campuses may be different, the colleges and universities in the Lab share similar challenges and are able to learn a great deal though collaboration.”

If you have any questions about the Internationalization Project, please contact Sherri Fujita slfujita@hawaii.edu


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