International students honored for volunteer work on Mauna Kea

From left to right are Gai Koyama, Miki Yamane, Ayako Onishi, Haruno Washisu, Gin Tezuka, Steven Clements, Shoma Takemoto, Katsuyuki Uezono, Yushi Kominato.

HILO — More than a dozen students from Hawai‘i Community College’s Intensive English Program were recognized recently for their extensive volunteer efforts at the visitor center on Mauna Kea.

The Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station on Mauna Kea held its annual Volunteer Awards Banquet on Sept. 28. International students from Hawai‘i CC and UH Hilo contributed 34 percent of a total of 12,244 hours this past year. Many of the volunteers are current or former students in Hawai‘i CC’s Intensive English Program, which encourages students to participate in all kinds of volunteer activity.

More than a dozen Hawai‘i CC international students were recognized for their efforts as volunteers at the Mauna Kea visitor center. Awards were given in different categories depending on the amount of hours volunteered.

  • Volunteering 25-99 hours: Yuko Usui, Risako Mise, Misato Yamauchi, Chise Uchiyama, Haruka Sato, Haruno Washisu, Nozomi Nakazawa, Haruko Nakazawa and Ryotaro Toshima.
  • Volunteering 100-249 hours: Miki Domoto, Katsuyuki Uezono, Misaki Hiraoka, Ayako Onishi, and Yuka Sorimachi.
  • Volunteering 250-499 hours: Shoma Takemoto.
  • Volunteering 500-999 hours: Sachika Nojiri.
  • Volunteering 1000 or more hours: Gin Tezuka.

Gin Tezuka, Sachika Nojiri and Miki Yamane were each presented with the “Hoku” award for outstanding service. In addition, Gin Tezuka was recognized as the “Most Dedicated” volunteer of the year.

Hawai`i CC’s Intensive English Program provides academic English language instruction and comprehensive support services to international students pursuing academic, personal, and professional goals. Students learn the language skills they need to enroll at an American university.

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