Kauhale Message

Aloha Kauhale Kākou!

As we move toward manifesting Hawai’i Papa O Ke Ao, positioning the University System of Hawai’i as an indigenous-serving institution to better serve our indigenous Hawai’i community and other under-represented ethnicities and communities in our islands, the question typically arises, “What of the others? How do we promote Hawai’i Papa O Ke Ao without neglecting the other?” This question in the greater educational landscape of American academia is not unique to Hawai’i — the nation is asking this same question.

The tables in Western academia are turning, realizing that a strong self, indigenous, ethnic, regional and international identity is key to equity in education. Many indigenous/under-served have a number of commonalities, one being that they are not culturally “hard-wired” to step outside of their identity with ease to achieve a higher education. Higher education is realizing that an underrepresented community in academia experiences their culture on campus — not just as a topic for study and analyzing in the classroom, but foundational and evident in the culture of the campus — the learner/community does not have to choose between an ethnic identity and that of an academic identity. The learner can co-mingle both. This leads to learner and institutional success.

Introducing The Center for Internationalizing and Global Engagement, may we invite your attention to step into a deeper analysis, issues and recommendations for this initiative of the American Council on Education:

“ACE’s Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) helps institutions develop and sustain comprehensive, effective internationalization programs that increase global engagement for students, faculty and staff. We believe effective internationalization goes beyond traditional study abroad programs and international student enrollment. It requires a comprehensive institutional commitment that also includes curriculum, research, faculty development, and active strategies for institutional engagement. In addition, CIGE monitors and analyzes global trends in higher education in cooperation with other education associations around world.”

This is an exciting opportunity to position Hawai’i Papa O Ke Ao within a global context, and “we” are the generation of academicians who will manifest this platform for success of all peoples who find and make Hawai’i Community College a place where self-identity in academia leads to success of the learner and their community!

E ‘Imi Pono (Seeking Excellence) requires an ongoing evolution toward excellence — what a great reason this is to come to work!!

Na Tangarō,

Kauhale Acting Director


For more information on CIGE, please click:




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