Xtreme I.S. 10: A new class for student success


A 1 credit I.S. 197L:College Technology Lab is being offered for the first time at Hawai`i Community College, designed especially for Liberal Arts majors who need to beef up their computer skills for their college and professional journeys. The course is an excellent preparation for those students considering on taking an online class, but still lacking familiarity with the skills needed to succeed in the online environment as well as students who need a skill set which will increase their efficacy in navigating Laulima, using Word and Excel as well as creating brochures, Powerpoint presentations and posters.

The class is being offered as an applied hands-on computer lab with the college preparatory class I.S. 101: Building Bridges to Self, College, and Community. Students will work on assignments and activities required in the class in two sections. This paired offering is being coined Xtreme I.S. 101 and is being offered on the Manono campus on TR, 9:30-10:45 in 388-102 (CRN. 16874) with the partner lab immediately following at 11-12 in the OCET computer lab, 380, Rm. 39 (CRN. 16875) and on the UHH campus on MW, 12:30-1:45 in K 124 (CRN. 16876) with the  partner lab following on MW, at 2-3 in the Business Education and Technology classroom 346, Rm. 133 (CRN. 16877).  I.S. 101 can be used to satisfy the SSCI. area requirement for the  Liberal Arts degree and the I.S. 197L can be used as a 1 credit elective (out of 11 elective credits) for the degree, so Financial Aid will apply if you still have not fulfilled these requirements.

For those students who have already taken I.S. 101, there is a stand-alone section of I.S. 197L on TR, 3-4 (CRN. 16878)at the Manono campus’ Forest TEAM lab, 3393, Rm. 104. For more  information, contact Trina Nahm-Mijo, p. 934-2574 or nahmmijo@hawaii.edu or a counselor at p. 934-2720.  Take this class and increase your success in college!

Xtreme IS 101 Trina

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