‘Ulu takes center stage at West Hawai‘i lunch activity

On Wednesday, April 2, members of the UH Center, West Hawai‘i and Hawai‘i Community College Culinary Arts program, along with the West Hawai‘i Student Council, organized a free “Hawaiian inspired” lunch activity for students. The event was titled: “E Ho‘opā I Ka ‘Ulu,” with breadfruit or ‘ulu being the theme of the event.

Under the direction of Chef Betty Saiki, the West Hawai‘i culinary students were able to meet the challenge of creating an entire meal that featured ‘ulu as the primary ingredient in all the dishes. Some of the dishes included: ‘ulu beef stew, ‘ulu chicken and vegetarian patties, ‘ulu salad, salad with ‘ulu dressing, ‘ulu pudding, and ‘ulu cake.

In addition to the food, instructors Blossom “Pua” Lincoln and Betsy Morrigan set up activities for students in attendance to enjoy.

On behalf of the West Hawai‘i Student Council members, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and helped make it possible for our students to enjoy. Also, we would like to recognize and thank Craig Elevitch, Andrea Dean and Les Apoliona for helping us obtain the ‘ulu for the event.

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