ILO Assessment Summit Mahalo

Kate Sims leads a discussion with members of POM during the ILO Assessment Summit.

As the new Assessment Coordinator, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your active participation at the ILO (Institutional Learning Outcomes) Assessment Summit on Friday, August 22, 2014. My sincere hope is that you learned something about assessment, and that you found value in the work that you did on this day. Assessing our institution and sharing the results, is how we demonstrate accountability of the quality of our education to our students and our community.

Obviously, we did not have enough time to complete everything that you probably want to do regarding assessment in your unit and department. I strongly encourage you to continue the conversations you started on into the semester and beyond.

As I stated in my opening remarks at the All College Meeting on August 21, 2014, assessment should be simple and streamlined. I know how important it is that your processes are logical and fully integrated into the work that you are already doing and I am here to support you in that goal.

The ILO Assessment Summit on Friday was extremely well attended with almost 150 faculty, lecturers, staff, and administrators participating. The focus of the Summit was to bring together all facets of the college’s workforce to take stock of the assessment they have been doing at the course, unit, and program level and relate that assessment to the ILOs.

In the first session people met in small groups according to their department, program, or unit to focus on their program’s/unit’s approach to assessment from course/unit outcomes up to the ILOs.

 Unit Haves

In the afternoon session, units and programs met separately to share best practices and review how they have closed the loop with assessment results.

A great deal of data was collected including documentation of the dialogue, perceptions on ILO assessment, and progress in assessment itself. This data as well as an online evaluation of the day’s events will be shared with the campus community shortly.

I am now in the process of reviewing the composition of the Assessment Committee and its function. Foremost on my mind is how I can best support you in your assessment practices and the committee will play an active part in this.

Units Presentation 2

In the meantime, take a few minutes of your time to listen to this NPR piece on Mise-en-Place: For a More Ordered Life, Organize Like a Chef. And don’t forget that we have an Assessment Handbook!

Sherri Fujita, Assessment Coordinator

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