AEC/GIS students survey lava flow in Puna

100_2460HawCC students, in collaboration with UH Hilo, walked and measured the lava flow down in Puna.

The overall and continued purpose of the lava mapping project is to assist the UH Hilo Geology department to monitor the lava flow and to measure the “rate of inflation” of the lava once it has settled. Below are two links that helps to better define this and the tools that were used in the field, including a news story by KHON describing the activity.


GIS 180 – Field Work 11/5/2014 – 11/6/2014

The main task for the mapping project was to set aerial targets and survey control points on the ground along the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)  flight path at points designated by UH Hilo’s Geography department and UAV team.

The  second task was to establish Transect Lines and baseline ground points for checking the Aerial Photography and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) that would be created from the UAV camera and Pix4D software.

GIS students spent all day on 11/6/2014 collecting Transect Line points–video clips of them working is shown on the news clip.


In Total the following were established for UAV mapping and ground control checks

22     Aerial Targets

5      Survey Control Points

470  Transect Line Points

Currently the  GIS students are creating maps using ArcGIS 10.2 that map the work to date. 



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