At numerous events, Culinary Arts students get real-world experience

The Culinary Arts Department participated in various events throughout the month of October:

October 1  Chef Brian Hirata took two students to O’ahu to shadow Master Chef Mavro at his restaurant. A dream come true for the students.

October 4  All the culinary students prepared over 800 servings of breakfast foods and assisted in the serving also. The alumni and friends event.

October 16  The culinary students prepared meals for 50 students in the IEP graduating class. A buffet meal was prepared for all to enjoy.

October 19  25 students participated and assisted vendors in the recent Taste of Hilo event. Over 650 attended fundraiser for HawCC.

October 22  11 students assisted vendors in a food and product show at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel in Waikoloa. Attended by hundreds.

October 27  A bee expert from the department of agriculture and Erick Cremer from Nursing arranged and held a bee seminar on bee culture and uses of honey. It was bee-utifully done.

October 30  Students and faculty prepared a luncheon and an elaborate reception for president David Lassner.

October 31  Culinary arts prepared bento lunches for the staff Halloween party held in the cafeteria.

Mahalo, Chef Allan Okuda~

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